Creative Senior Tech Consultant

Creative full-stack developer for global product projects based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Nicholas Roberts


Thanks for visiting my professional personal website. I work full-time as a customer engineer at a scaleup Kubernetes-based edge compute platform, but am open to limited-bandwith freelance consulting.

Commercial Open Source

I work on commercial applications of open source software for platforms, directories, ecommerce & events. My technical focus is Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, Varnish, OpenResty, NodeJS, Ubuntu, Ansible, Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres, Bootstrap 4, Bulma.

Research & Development

I am working on a high-availability, planet scale, multi-site web platform: FolkBot.

Responsive, Mobile & Progressive

On the front-end, I use the niche & also Bootsrap 4 which is the industry standard HTML5 & CSS3 framework for mobile-first web-applications.

Internet of Things

Increasingly tiny and connected computers are driving innovation and new markets. My goal is to learn more about commercial open source software & hardware robots.

Next Generation

A next generation of internet companies and projects is emerging as an earlier generation of internet dinosaurs struggle with techncial debt and cumbersome structures.


Connect via email at [email protected] or via LinkedIn


My current preferred personal technical stack is Phoenix, Elixir, Postgres, Ubuntu and Ansible.


At this stage, in my personal projects, am working on web-publishing platform.