Creative Senior Tech Consultant

Experienced and creative full-stack products and projects based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Nicholas Roberts


Thanks for visiting my professional personal website. I work full-time as a customer engineer at a scaleup Kubernetes-based edge compute platform, but am open to limited-bandwith freelance consulting.

Commercial Open Source

I work on commercial applications of open source software for platforms, directories, ecommerce & events. My technical focus is Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, Varnish, OpenResty, NodeJS, Ubuntu, Ansible, Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres, Bootstrap 4, Bulma.

Research & Development

I am working on a high-availability, planet scale, multi-site web platform: FolkBot. Eventually extending Folkbot into the Internet of Things based on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chains & Manufacturing.

Responsive, Mobile & Progressive

On the front-end, I use the niche & also Bootsrap 4 which is the industry standard HTML5 & CSS3 framework for mobile-first web-applications.

Internet of Things

Increasingly tiny and connected computers are driving innovation and new markets. My goal is to learn more about commercial open source software & hardware robots.

Next Generation

A next generation of internet companies and projects is emerging as an earlier generation of internet dinosaurs struggle with techncial debt and cumbersome structures.


Connect via email at or via LinkedIn


My current preferred personal technical stack is Phoenix, Elixir, Postgres, Ubuntu and Ansible.


At this stage, in my personal projects, am working on web-publishing platform.