IT, Web & Media Consultant

20 years of experience in IT & media

My Work and Tools

I am now a technical project manager at a leading Bay Area internet service provider.

I started with computers with a Vic 20 and have worked with computers professionally since 1997.

I have work with Microsoft Windows desktop & server products and customizations.

I use Apple Mac creative industry tools like Sketch & Adobe Creative Suite.

I use Ubuntu Linux desktop & server and use Ansible for devops.

I use Elixir, Phoenix, Javascript, Drupal & Wordpress.

Personal History

I now live and work in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

I own a farm in Sonoma County, California.

I was born in Sydney, Australia.

I was webmaster for a 30 newspaper group at a global multinational.

I organized an open source tech event at the United Nations that hosted Richard Stallman of the FSF.

I was a contract webmaster for a Californian government agency.