Grow SaaS with Sales Blueprints

Sofware as a Service Sales Blueprints

Grow SaaS with Sales Blueprints

Sales Science Over Sales Superstars

The 6 book series of SaaS-based sales blueprints provide a practical business-oriented series for building and growing an organization.

The key to successful evolution is the change from a superstar culture to a science-based culture.

The books in the series are summarized below;

  1. The SaaS Sales Method: Sales As a Science: Many business functions, such as sales and marketing, have evolved from being driven by intuition to now being generated by data and processes. A successful SaaS sales business must transcend a business of superstars and mature into a business of talented stars supported by processes and structures.

  2. Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization: How to Design, Build and Scale a Customer-Centric Sales Organization. The big idea of SaaS in the reorientation of the sales process around delivering a product via software as a service that delivers immediate customer impact and business value.

  3. The SaaS Sales Method Fundamentals: How to Have Customer Conversations. Calling, email, meetings, and socializing are all venues for customer conversations where customer requirements can be learned, new solutions proposed, and opportunities for growing recurring revenue.

  4. The SaaS Sales Method for Sales Development Representatives: How to Prospect for Customers. Inbound, Outbound, Target Based Prospects, Content Strategies.

  5. The SaaS Sales Method for Account Executives: How to Win Customers. How to win a relationship by making a proposed solution, when to go dark, compete, and win.

6. The SaaS Sales Method for Customer Success & Account Managers: How to Grow Customers. Static customers are not enough, grow your customers along a designed customer journey.

Source: Winning by Design

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