Nicholas Roberts

Nicholas Roberts

I've been working on web, media, and IT product development projects off and on for 20 years.

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I enjoy hybrid or fluid roles that require creativity, technology, and business skills and experience.

I've been especially effective in early-stage projects developing products collaboratively with broad stakeholders such as technology, marketing, editorial, business, management, advertising, executive.

The range of my work spans backend mainframe integrations into banks and newspaper production and advertising systems, all the way to editorial and advertising creative content such as national newspaper war stories to original audio-video for luxury cars.

I recently helped launch a retail wifi mesh product as a service for a Bay Area internet service provider which crossed all the silos in an integrated independent internet and telecommunications business.

Right now, I am a customer success engineer at a global compute edge platform where we make websites run fast from locations close to customers with layers of optimization, caching, and security.

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