Organizing Tech Events at the UN.

In 2015 I organized a 4 day, 100 person open-source tech event at the United Nations under the auspices of the OpenCamps/Nyccamp.

Organizing Tech Events at the UN.

Organizing tech events at the United Nations is an interesting experience, and it embedded a strong sense of personal boundaries, its too easy to get overcommitted and burned out in an open-ended project like this.

Between 2015 and 2016 I had the joy of being a kind of community manager for a long-running Drupal hosting framework called Aegir Hosting System.

In 2014 I gave a talk on Big Data Drupal at Drupal Camp NYC. 2015 I organized a 4-day event, with around 100 participants, a dozen speakers, and hosted the Free Software Foundation to keynote.

Aegir is Drupal hosting Drupal with Drush. The Aegir hosting system is a long-running commercial open-source system used to host various government and nonprofit sites, such as NASA and SLAC.

I worked within the larger Open Camps umbrella organization and learned a lot about community tech events, the Drupal ecosystem, the Aegir hosting system. I even learned some things about myself, like resilience, personal limits, and the differences between formal and informal events.

After the main event in NYC, I gave a kind of debrief talk to a small group at the Stanford Drupal conference.

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